More of Joelle | Portraits



I wrote a post about Joelle a few weeks back.  I didn’t get to post all the stunning pictures I got of her at that time.  I had a little quiet time this weekend so decided to post the remaining.

Have a look!

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Click here to view the first post I had made about Joelle’s pictures.

Joelle’s After-thoughts: 

I met Amna almost by accident but had the good sense of staying in touch. Amna is gracious, patient and genuinely warm. Ansel Adams once said ” Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art” and you, Amna, certainly have an eye for art and it comes through your camera. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of making my fantasy of being “professionally photographed” come true 😀 I was impressed by the outstanding resulting photographs and am really looking forward to our next photo shoot.