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accentOver the years, I’ve been to a lot of weddings in the Toronto area – from small scale to huge lavish all-out weddings.  But the one thing that remains consistent for all of them is the fact that Shirley Wu’s brides always look nothing less than AMAZING!!  Each bride always looks different and so natural and fresh! I’m always blown away by Shirley’s style and her skill at making each girl look like a goddess on her special day!!!

Recently, I had the honour of meeting Shirley.  A friend of mine got married last month and I got to be by her side for everything! (Thankssssss babes) –  And when the time came for my friend to get her makeup done, I was right there! So I got to meet the infamous Shirley Wu! Shirley was full of style and pizzaz from the moment she walked in! She is such a charismatic person herself that everyone is drawn to her!

So let me break down the happenings of the morning, just so you guys get a better idea of how everything went about.

Shirely Arrives:

Shirely and her assistant walk in, and start right away. They are very quick with everything. Everything keeps happening so, foundation..done…loll 🙂  Shirely’s very considerate and constantly talking to the bride (my friend) and me. I think this was really great becuase this helped my friend relax and know that she can easily talk to Shirley (and let her know if she wanted anything changed).

One hour later…

Shirely was quick…within an hour my friend was almost ready…I think just the dupata had to be pinned on and the finishing touches had to be made.  This is when the Florist arrived with the bridal bouquet and all the garlands and crosage’s for the wedding.

This is the point where I realized that Shirley not only is an amazing artist but also a truly amazing person! So the florist didn’t actually prepare the ordered items as the bride had wanted so naturally the bride was very upset.  This was the last thing she I stepped in – I sent the bride back to Shirely to continue getting ready and tried to work with the florist to fix the bouquet…but we only got so far…and Shirley steps in, takees the bouquet from us and within minutes fixes it up perfectly!!  No fuss no nothing! She didn’t have to…but she did! So sweet of her!!  Shirley totally saved the day!

Almost finished:

Shirley finishes with the bride and now takes the time to give the bride a few pointers. She tells the bride how she should sit, and shows me how I should keep an eye on certain things, as the bride won’t realize – and ofcourse we want all the photographs to turn out flawless! Again Shirely didn’t need to do all this..but she was gracious enough to spend time with the bride and making sure that everything goes smoothly that evening.

So at the end of it all – Not only did my friend glow as the most gorgeous bride…but her bouquet was perfect!!

Thanks Shirely for doing an amzing job with my friends makeup AND her bouquet and for being such a genuine and sincere person.

Anyone interested in getting in touch with Shirely – please visit her website





Some pictures of Shirely rescuing the bouquet!