Niti & Samir part 1 | Gatineau Park Engagement Shoot

Niti and Samir are one of my 2010 couples, and they really wanted their engagement shoot to be all about the gorgeous fall colours of Ottawa – So we did, what any trooper would do..we headed out even though the temperature was below freezing. Niti and Samir also loved the idea of doing a shoot at the Mackenzie King Estates in Gatineau Park. This has to be one of my most favourite locations so I was super excited! I just love all the character and the feel of of it all – even though I’ve been there so many times, I always find something new when I’m there!
The day comes – and I get to the park, only to find out that the main roads are closed because there is a marathon taking place – I remembered taking a back road to get to the estates in the past, so I quickly changed my route and headed to the Estates. The one thing which I totally hate about Gatineau Park is how I get NO RECEPTION on my cellphone while I’m there. So, even though I made it there, I wasn’t sure if Niti and Samir would be able to find their way – but luck was on our side! They made it and we were blessed with an amazingly sunny day (cold but sunny).

So enjoy these pictures! I can’t wait for their wedding because I know it’s going to be just wonderful.