Bela and Khurrum’s Mehendi | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I’ve been giving you guys a peek at my experience in Florida – all the fun stuff I got to do…well you’ve seen nothing yet! wait till you see the rest of the pictures…from the actual’ll just die! Seriously..the wedding was super grand, super gorgeous and super tasteful! everything screamed perfection and was just wonderful! So a big props to all the parties involved in making the wedding events a big success!

Today I’ll be sharing pictures from Bela and Khurrum’s Mehendi/ Henna Ceremony. This is basically the party where everyone gets to put henna on the bride’s hands and feed her sweets and bless her. The whole theme for the decor was Moroccan which Jilna of Suhaag Garden designed. Jilna’s work is just exquisite! She was the brains behind the decoration for the Mehendi and the Wedding it self. So without further adieu…I’ll leave you to the pictures!

I look forward to getting your feedback! Trust me, you’ll fall in love Bela and Khurrum and their families after you’re done with the pictures