Jenna & Marc | Ottawa Portrait Photographer

I got to photograph Jenna and Marc just a few weeks back in the middle of downtown! Can you believe these were taken right on Somerset and Kent! lol I was driving by one that area one day and thought to myself how awesome of a location this is…lots of doors, windows, focal points…it’s perfect for a portrait session…so I already had a location in mind even before I met Jenna and Marc!

The shoot was simply awesome! Jenna and Marc share this amazing energy and just fit together sooo perfectly! This shoot has to have been one of my most easiest and funnest because the couple was all about each other! They weren’t aware of their surroundings, or who was walking by..just totally into each other! which is what I normally try to do in a shoot. I try to get the couple to focus on each other so that they can block out all the external factors.

So enjoy these pictures! I’m sure you’ll love the energy between these two!