women4women(Southside Partnertship) International Breakfast | Monkstown

Since I arrived in to Dublin, I have heard wonderful things about this group of Ladies that hold a monthly breakfast and bring women from all walks of life together so that they can network, meet, connect and make new friends!

I had the pleasure of attending their last breakfast which took place in Monkstown. I took the Dart and made my way there! Such a lovely and scenic trip to Knox Hall (where the Breakfast was taking place). I was greeted by the most wonderful group of women and quickly enough it was revealed that I’m new to Dublin, new to women4women(supported by SOUTHSIDE PARTNERSHIP) and I also happen to be a photographer. In a matter of a few minutes, I went from attending this breakfast to photographing it! It felt like I totally belonged and I also got to meet an amazing group of ladies (artists, doctors, Garda Officers and more).

I’m now sharing some highlights from the Breakfast that took place last week. If you would like to see the full gallery of images, you can head over HERE. (You’ll be able to download your pictures if you like).

For any woman new to the Dublin area…please connect with these wonderful women! They will help you share your talent, art, skill and will welcome you to a beautiful family with open arms!

Here are the links to their websites: