10 winning images!! | Shoot & Share Contest

Today I share the winning images from the Shoot & Share photo contest. So I had 10 finalists! sooooo excited! So happy to share all the images that made it to the top. You can have a look at how high some of them actually ranked…like 245/11,652!! wooohooo crazy awesome!

I’m a Finalist…out of 225,207

Just received an email that I’m a finalist in the Shoot & Share photo contest!! Looking forward to seeing the results, but either way thrilled to be among the top 3.5% from the 225,207 images that were entered this year!!!! yayy!!!#shootandsharephotocontest #shootandshare A Big congrats to all those that are in the Finalist round!

Nav & Gurv | Toronto Yorkville Engagement Shoot

So I’ve been on a mini break from blogging…but I’m back and will be updating you all on all that I’ve been up to in the past few months. I’m going to take this one day at a time, so for today, I will be sharing one of my most favourite E-sessions with you guys….

2015 Recap! | Dublin Wedding Photographer

As 2016 approaches! I want to share what my 2015 has been like. All the wonderful people I met and all the magic we got to create! I got to travel to many places this year just to photograph and make new friends. As many of you know, I have now expanded my home base…

Meet Ajantha & Mohan | Mini Fall Portraits, Toronto

I met Ajantha and Mohan a few years back at a wedding….actually Ajantha’s sister’s wedding…and Ajantha and Mohan had just gotten married a week before! I instantly fell in love with Ajantha’s family and somehow over the years we all stayed connected. This past October, when I was doing my Mini Fall Sessions in Toronto,…

Jenna & Marc | Ottawa Portrait Photographer

I got to photograph Jenna and Marc just a few weeks back in the middle of downtown! Can you believe these were taken right on Somerset and Kent! lol I was driving by one that area one day and thought to myself how awesome of a location this is…lots of doors, windows, focal points…it’s perfect…